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a collection of commitments to open source

Scientific software is a fundamental component of modern research and engineering. Open source software, in particular, provides significant benefits for academic institutions’ research and educational programs. It is natural for academic institutions to support open source software and be an integral part of that community.

The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA), in partnership with NumFOCUS, has convened an Open Source Software Pledge committee to develop a strategy for organizing coherent, deliberate, and impactful commitments to open source from the academic community. This website aims to be a mechanism to collect commitments to open source from academic organizations. See the about page for more information.


Jul 6, 2023 Lightning talk at SciPy 2023 :zap:
Jun 29, 2023 Initial website launched :rocket: + a badge Static Badge
Apr 10, 2023 ADSA convenes committee to draft Open Source Software Pledge

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